Do’s & Don’t

Listed below are the various Do’s and Don’ts of Smart Fulfilment.

S.No Do’s Don’ts
1. The stock of a minimum of one week must be inward. No fake products
2. Smart adoption should be more than 80%. Adoption: Smart Sales/( Total Sales) Non-adherence to audit norms in regular business.
3. Inward high selling products as per recommended listings Not using Shop-24 packaging material.
4. Listing id barcode should be properly pasted on the products.
5. Maintain a quality check and return file.

Mandatory Requirements:

Here are the mandatory requirements once you become a seller on Smart Fulfilment.

  1. Express onboarding– Once onboarded to express working, you will have to process and mark your orders RTD as per the time slots allocated by Shop24.
  2. Sunday working:  Seller operations should be open on Sundays too

3. Daily Sales: It is a prerequisite that your daily sales should be 10 units or more